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Collaborate Internationally

By working on projects with students from different countries, our students have learned how to collaborate effectively and develop a global mindset.

Gain Cultural Awareness

Through interactions with their peers, students have learned about different cultures, traditions, and ways of life, which has helped them develop a greater sense of empathy and understanding.

Improve English Learning Skills

In every project, students present fun activities focused on ESL and practice their speaking skills in live meetings with another class.

Improve Soft Skills

Our projects often require students to communicate, problem-solve, and think critically, which has helped them develop important soft skills that will serve them well in their future careers.

What our community of teachers say

"All the meetings were exceptional, special, of great value to me. I met new cultures and new personalities that I discovered with my students. I discovered new things about these countries: their cultures, their beliefs, their traditions, their way of life, and it's thanks to C2C that I'm able to do this with my students".
Jamila Rahmeni
Tunisia | Ainjloula Secondary School
"When I tell my students that we can connect to 27 countries, they are amazed. In their lifetimes or mine, we will not be able to communicate with that many countries. My first goal is their academic achievement, and my second goal is to make them globally competent students and citizens. I want them to be not only nationally capable but internationally capable, no matter what country they go to"
Md. Nasim Mia
Bangladesh | Navy Anchorage Khulna
We cannot just prepare our children academically. As progressive individuals, we want to help them achieve complete personality development and life skills. The platform provides them with ample opportunities to learn life skills such as how to interact with other students, how to face challenges, how to overcome fear, and how to propose solutions to difficult problems. For example, after we did the "Cut Bullying out" project, one of my students proposed a solution to the bullying project, and now my 10th grade students are taking care of the younger ones and educating them about bullying, resulting in a positive change.
Anuradha Sharma
India | Anantha Vidyanikethan School

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